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這些手作品背後的推手, 都有著正心, 誠意, 謙虛, 平凡的特質. 用他們可以承受的最大的速度和壓力, 一步一腳印地付出. 這些把完美放在第一位的頂級工匠, 造就了無法想像的美麗創作; 而這種單純的幸福, EF要帶進每個使用者的空間, 結合五感的力量, 開發正向的能源, 提昇心靈的感受力. 每天感受一點點,慢慢地發現自己的改變. 重新從物件中獲得新的能量,用自己的方式,傳承藝術家真誠的美好,心靈的力量,Enchanted Force.

Everything is blissfully made by hand, always full of positive energy and unspeakable love, and are bright, graceful, and inspiring. Once you experience the process, there is no returning to ordinary life. All of your senses, of touch, smell, hearing, and taste will never be the same. And, with the choices offered to lead one towards this wonderfulness, you will become different from whom you were yesterday. Quietly feeling the difference, let the exquisite handmade objects empower us to believe in the love and kindness that enriches us inside, and accentuating our lives and those around us in every way.

The Legendary (English 7.83MB)
Flourish Elegant (English 4.39MB)
Perpetual Heart (English 934KB)
The Legendary (繁體 14.3MB)
Flourish Elegant (繁體 8.86MB)
Perpetual Heart (繁體 927KB)
The Legendary (简7.67MB) 
Flourish Elegant (简体 4.58MB)
Perpetual Heart (简体 401KB)

"Choose things that choose you."  |   "唯美工藝 , 暖心靜意 ,  ."

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